Monday, March 19, 2012


Bubbly with thoughts, bursting in smiles,
A gentle greatness, great in its uniqueness and make up;
Amazing is the feel,
More than meets the eye and a sweetness...not a passing happiness, but a joy so complete its called Bliss...
That pleasantness that warms the heart, a beauty that doesn't just stop at catching the eye, but one that radiates all through;
A warm heart, a delightful persona,
A rare breed, that 'one' in a million that bears the tag "God's gift",
This is an original...a true masterpiece;
Not a Picasso, even He can't copy this.
The one Kings & Kingdoms would pray,search, desire, and fight for... More than all treasure in gold, or weighting in gems, this is one to Hold; from which Real Beauty of real value and yet can't be bought. This is priceless...
FowFlo le Cœur doux....