Monday, March 19, 2012


Bubbly with thoughts, bursting in smiles,
A gentle greatness, great in its uniqueness and make up;
Amazing is the feel,
More than meets the eye and a sweetness...not a passing happiness, but a joy so complete its called Bliss...
That pleasantness that warms the heart, a beauty that doesn't just stop at catching the eye, but one that radiates all through;
A warm heart, a delightful persona,
A rare breed, that 'one' in a million that bears the tag "God's gift",
This is an original...a true masterpiece;
Not a Picasso, even He can't copy this.
The one Kings & Kingdoms would pray,search, desire, and fight for... More than all treasure in gold, or weighting in gems, this is one to Hold; from which Real Beauty of real value and yet can't be bought. This is priceless...
FowFlo le Cœur doux....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

An Ode to You (The Rush #2)

Not knowing what to say tells me there's too much to say, I struggle to find words, because they can hardly convey the thoughts that build up within.
I flutter with smiles thinking about you, how you sipped in its hard to tell,
But like a spring, you're indwelling; like a stream you keep flowing...I clear my head of all thoughts and try to focus on what is before me, but my mind finds its way back to you. Once it touches on you, it doesn't let go.

I grab hold of my phone every minute, whether it beeps or not, I check for a message from you. I think of what to say everytime, because I try to pace myself. I'm trying not to get swallowed into the rush that comes; but the more I fight it, your name rings in, your face flashes through my thoughts, and that smile...oh, the smile! A smile I cannot understand nor get enough of, a smile that steals words from my mouth and leaves me gawking at you.

I look for words or babble a lot when I'm around you... part of me's nervous, hoping I don't say something wrong, another part is lost in the rush that comes as I stare into your eyes. I find I cannot say goodbye when we talk or chat, my mind tunes into you, your words, your voice and your smile and stays glued on it. Sleep runs away, obligations are put on hold...this is what matters, YOU.

My mind checks up on you all the time, endless thoughts of you cloud my thinking, all that makes sense is how lost I get with each sound of your voice and each thought that glances my mind. The more words I write, the harder it is to stop, thoughts of you become endless this way, even though noone would understand, my pen and paper seem to. Others would think I'm a lost cause but these inanimate tools, lifeless as they are, pour out words that, though are not everything, but still convey a message about you.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Leagues away...#2

.....what really scares him is that as distant as she's made herself, he still can't control how he feels about her, he's almost certain, she's found another and is not letting this work, but even if she's with another, she's still what he wants.

He still writes mental letters to her, remembers songs he sang to her, words and moments shared, but doesnt matter much. She's loving another each sleepless night he has, he feels it deep because he's had himself deeply connected to her.

Yet she's silent about it all, he's not stupid but he forces himself to be naive and gullible, because he wants to believe. He still wishes to hold her again even if it's just once more, he wants to feel her close to him once again, he needs to smell her skin and her aura around him, to look her in the face and say his goodbyes to lose a love that he's sure is his and will always have his heart, while silently hoping it's still a nightmare he'll wake up from.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Leagues away....

With a connection deep seated in the heart, with a love so real, with a heart true and open, he hopes against the reality,
His glaring reality of a truth he knew so well, a love he depended on, a connection he had been building a future on; slowly slipping away..
As it crumbles in his face, bit-by-bit, the thought of it scares him, just the thought breaks him, he's patching up walls, sealing leaking roofs, like a deep and  open cut - it's excruciating as it bleeds.
He's running out of options, but yet hoping the bad weather'd go away..its too deep-seated for him to let go of, the void would be a cut too deep, not just cos he'd miss it, but nothing else would feel right there. This is the only square peg, so it fits perfect in the square hole.
Nothing else matters, not the cars, the money, the job...only this;
The truth he once new and felt comfortable with, the truth he would never give up on, a reality of true joy & perfection; who finds a good thing and lets it go? Who finds a utopia and abandons it? Or have polished diamonds handed to 'em and throws it all away? Its a no-brainer...
He's set his eyes on the forever cake, he's a few years ahead, but...the more he works it out, the more complicated it gets, feels one-sided but he's got enough heart for two. He's bent on giving it a chance to work, all things considered, its costing him physically, mentally & emotionally, but he's convinced the prize outweighs the price.

"We might be leagues or lightyears away, but you linger on like a dream unfulfilled, like a life unlived, a beauty unseen and a love unexpressed."

Her name overly excites him, seeing her thrills him as it did on the first day, loving her builds him; puts the chip on his shoulder. He's built a foundation deep to love on, its nothing shallow, its nothing fragile but one to bank on. He thinks to himself "Time may pass after this, one heartbeat after another, one new person or another, but I'll always have her her in mind", he sees no point thinking of or trying to move on, his heart is lost with this one, the one who'd always be his priority & the object of his affection.
He wakes up everyday with nothing but her on his mind, spends the first hour after that trying to shake off her thoughts and hoping its all a dream, but 'NO', its all real, its there; the hurt and the reality of her absence.
Thoughts shaken, he moves on...or he activity after another as he deals with memories and wishes as they flood in his thoughts. He just wants to be the reason behind her smile, the one she leans on when she's down and the one who finds her heart in love.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Its stolen, its borrowed,
But it fits so perfectly, the smile, her eyes...
For every second spent, feels borrowed, but is priceless nonetheless...
Her touch, the way she gets to me,the way she makes me happy...yea, I've been happy,but this isn't like the normal, she has her own way to it...
Maybe its the weird situation we're in, I won't normally place myself like this, but this is different, I've tasted of something sweet, my mind and body feel lost in it, I try to pace myself so my heart doesn't get sucked in.
The closer you get, the sweeter it feels...I let go a lil' more each day. See what I want this much should not be this hard, faced with an almost impossible situation. My mind, my body yearns for you with everyday that passes; yes I crave each kiss, the hugs, semi-cuddles, petting, necking, how heated we get as we touch...feels borrowed but feels great. Wouldn't trade these moments.
Its an expression of wild romance, pure passion, desire, mental connection, physical attraction. This is 'clicking' with someone almost to a perfect level. Too good to be true at some point, then the 'but' is remembered.
It is soon forgotten though, she's just pinged, she called, she's texting :D, wow! does she feel what I feel? Is she also wrapped in this true lie. Its real so much so it can't be ignored, I'm sure (more like I hope) she sees it too. Its a borrowed feeling, but fits so well. Letting my heart race as she pings, allowing myself to get lost hearing her voice....*sigh*
No way I can be just friends, she's starting to sip into my heart, I still think about her kisses, her smile, her words, the way she gets me, she's letting my fingers move up and down her skin, they give me a rush I can't help but want. The appeal somedays is just more than I can handle, yet its still borrowed time I'm spending. I'm slowly crossing the line, everytime we touch, I want more, I want to kiss her all over, caress  slowly & awaken her, giving in to our desires. She feels this, or again I hope.
I'm giving myself into a loan I cannot pay, borrowed happiness, that's expensive but more than worth it.
Our hearts and mind connect, her smile excites me, I long to see her, hold her and get lost in the few moments we get to have, she's not some rebound, she's her own version of awesome, more than just the physical attraction, she's a friend, a sweetheart, a darling, wish she were here to stay, its not just a feeling sex would cure, its past that now. She's rocking my world, she's blowing my mind. I want time alone with her all the time, just us, lock ourselves up, give in to the emotions, give in to the passion, few words, just her looking into my eyes, forgetting the things on our minds outside, 'guiltlessly' we proceed, let go and enjoy whatever small moments we have. I've given in to the part that's unspoken and unexpressed, a part that's been kept quiet, a part I've refused to let take control of my head, now I wish I had you here, close to me...yet this is just morning, on a day I'm not sure I'd get to see her, but the butterflies that come with her thoughts are as soothing & sweet even with the uncertainty....all these thoughts, can't hold myself back,  I grab hold of my phone & text  "Bonjour Chérie, tu me manque "...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

...I silently think of you

you're a part of me I cannot deny; always on my mind... I might not admit it but I know its there and its real. I play it down because I don't want to get sucked into it.

Yet.....In my quiet moments, I wish you were here, my happy times I want to share with you, when I'm bored you're on my mind non-stop....
When I'm sad, the word you say comfort better even when everyone else says the same. Thinking of you makes my day, talking is the cherry on the icing. You've made your mark on my heart, as far away as you are..
I enjoy the connection we share, the thrill and butterflies...I'm happy writing this down, because its about you.
And now,I miss you...when I want your voice, your embrace, to see your smile and share moments.
Maybe your absence makes me insecure;
Afraid that what I feel will be met with a broken heart and left to make do with a few fleeting memories;
Ones I cherish but wish I could have maximized a little more.
Sometimes I find it hard to fathom how the heart catches unto one thing and clings on like its every beat depended on it. Its always hard to stay away and even when you do you still don't move on from it.
It cannot be helped.....I'll still flutter with joy and find myself breathless, you are on my mind ceaselessly;
It's just a silent thought, carrying a rush of emotions....and it's because of you.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

.....letting go

When we try to fix things and they keep getting broken, we tend not to bother and just leave them as they are or leave them abandoned.
We can only try so hard. Its like having that car you love sooooo much and made so many memories with. Its hard to throw away even when all it does is cause trouble. You get it fixed for so much and drive just a little. One minute you're enjoying your evening drive and the next, you're pulled over on the side,hood open, diagnosing and trying to get it back on the road.
Our attachment to it coupled with the uncertainty& emptiness that comes with letting go holds us back. I often find it rather confusing how the heart works. It holds on to any and everything that comes its way; it just clings on. Most often we are unable to let go until we replace the objects that it holds on to. A new car foes....its endless. There's secretly a place for everything in our heart; and when its not there, we feel the pain of its emptiness.
But this makes it hard for us to let go of even the things that are starting to wither and die,because there's a unique void that things and people create.
In our bid not to let go, we fix and fix and fix some more; so much so that we become experts at fixing it. Then we develop a system that works, but for a while, and then we're back into the problem. Sometimes when its working out all fine for long,we might even start to expect it to go wrong. We wonder "how much longer will this good time last?"
Eventually we'll have to brave out our hurt and let go. We'll miss the object of our affection but in the end it'll all feel better when driving that new car.

Monday, October 18, 2010

.......the hurt we carry

How much of our 'Past' have we gone past and moved on from. The hurt we feel from the last breakup; still hurts, the loss; we can't piece together, the love; still burning bright.

Through our travels and experiences, we gather and face emotions. The way we handle one, just as important as the next. We never learn enough to waltz through phases like soulless beings, instead we pick up baggage and are sometimes unable to get rid of 'em. I've often said; 'emotions never really die'. We pass them up until we are able to deal with them or until we can no longer restrain ourselves.
Our soft-spots are still our soft-spots....may take a bigger ball to push us over but they're often always the same.
What made you smile still makes you smile one way or another.

In our search for a means to 'deal-with' certain emotions, we bury them and build over them. Seems simple enough, but they often grow into Oak trees that crumble our foundations and all we've built over that experience.
Crushes never die. We may lose the many extra heartbeats that the person gave you but you still always pass their name slowly on your phone, slow down when they pass or unconsciously smile. We're lost in the wonder of 'what-ifs'. Thing about this is that while we wonder what it would be like, it awakens it all afresh....and the cycle of like, hurt and forget continues.
Hurts from relationships often linger on after we've gotten over the person, but we still feel the pain they caused long after; not in its severity but in our silent gasps. We don't take just the lessons but also the pain as a reminder why not to go down whatever road led us to that hurting point. Pains of loss, worst of the all....i sure can tell you. The cycle of grief never works out how they say it does.

One place we often miss it is when, in an attempt to get over the pains we've faced, we try to fill up that space with other things. We replace a heartbreak with a new partner, crush with new crush, pains with things that'll help you pass the time.... As time goes on, at a time you least expect it, it all comes back to you...the seed of the hurt we carry becomes another phase we have to dealt with...again.

We find a way to blame ourselves for being hurt or feeling the pain we are facing; you cannot be anymore wrong! When its hardest, its often the best idea to forge and face things head on. When we're in a position to pick up the pieces, it gives you an opportunity to make a smarter and stronger start. Deal with your issues before they deal with you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the rush....

Meeting someone new does something to you, there’s some kind of in dwelling smile that you can’t really express. You stay jolly for at least a day. Especially when you think she blows your mind. One of those things that make us trip. When you make first contact and talking is fun, then comes the glow. We ooze of that childish guilt, when someone notices we try to deny to ourselves so we can try to manage our expectations. We want it so bad we don’t even want to consider the possibility that it doesn’t always play out how we plan, hope or expect and we get heartbroken.

Then comes the first date, you’re clouded in smiles you probably don’t even hear her speak. Then we start telling ourselves “I like this one” “that’s nice, we agree” or “i can make do with that”. We feel a rush each moment you’re with her. She’s constantly making u smile. Then you want to text, IM, call or tweet them, you want to share every moment that you experience with her. You unconsciously draft something sweet to say each time. You’d give anything to see her smile.

I start to wonder when she became an issue, **remember when you said you won’t let yourself fall like that, you said “I’ll calm down play my position” but now you’re in over your head without control.**
what do I do? where do I go from here? it gets worse because you start to be at a loss for words each time you see her...its absolutely breathtaking...

from the first date, you want to skip all the boring process involved....we want to bring the 'happy ever after' from the future to the now....we get all excited and loose our minds in our emotions...

Somehow the cycle of the heart is rather irregular, in that we don’t know when it’d see something it wants to connect to and hold on to. The pain of disconnection is there when we can’t make such connections and we end up disappointed. We feel everything that this heart throws itself to, whether it’s into the pain of a heartbreak or disappointment or into the comfort and joy found in love, friendships and sense of connection.

I'm #justthinking out loud

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Art Connection

The art of music, the network of strings of sounds being played, in uniformity and perfect harmony. Every cymbal, every beat, a mere expression of the one who compiled it. If we listen close enough, we can often feel the rhythm of our hearts being played with every note you hear...we can feel the love, hate, pain, joy or rave of the composer. It feels like a preaching so captivating, a thought so provoking and a journey worth taking; especially when it expresses a direct reflection of our heart’s feelings at that time. We almost know the next note that would be played; we modulate in our minds over and over while the songs play out our hearts. It's almost like pottery; the potter moulds with a deep sense of connection to the clay and its end product is an expression of how joyous, abstract, loving, random or angry he was at that time.

Art expresses our lives in ways we can relate to. Our need for connection as people makes us search in every area to fill our yearning hearts. Whether its food (Fregz73 forgive we turn into art, or sounds made out into music, words of poetry carefully grafted together, articulate words, voices singing out hearts feelings or anything [even being stuck on facebook reading out people's lives].. We make this connection our safe house and first love. We enjoy other things on the side but the end of the day when we retire back to ourselves and connect to our love so that we're never left alone. The need to connect is not for other people to benefit but for ourselves to graft onto and fill our hearts and minds. While thinking about this all, I stumbled on a quote with an Unknown author that says “Dating someone of artistic nature can be hard. We are a selfish breed. It’s always about the art. We sometimes forget about WHO inspired it” – Unknown. We have a need to connect to someone or something all the time, we don’t disconnect until we lose our minds or stop living.

For every soft-eve there's a Marvin Gaye, for some there's the peacefulness and grace of India Arie that appeals to their minds, Or the crazy in Blink 182, punk in Avril or the Ultimate Connection with Worship of our Creator. It’s no wonder why they say God inhabits our worship. The art gives pours our true inner feelings on Him, thus being in Truth and in Spirit. We connect with our God, we, connect with people and we connect with our Feelings all expressed through art. What sorts of Art comes from you?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our Mind's Endless Cycle...

When we're left alone, we think, assess and come to certain conclusions. Our mind makes us worry; the worry makes our minds wonder, guess, and ponder on things; not in a good manner but somewhat negative. We are naturally inquisitive beings and we cannot stand being left in the grey or half light...we want to see it all, feel it all, hear, taste and understand things. We want to know the score before the match, we want to hear the news before it happens; we want to grasp an understanding of everything that happens whether or not it concerns us. We ask so many questions at times that we even start to question the things we understand most and have found to be true; our life - is this life a dream? What if I woke up and realised that the life I’m living is nothing but an overstretched imagination? Our religion - am I sure I’m on the right track? What if I’m not?

These questions we ask often confuse us more than they enlighten us. We ponder on these things hoping that they'd shed some more light on what we think we don't understand well enough. The problem with this though is that it often misleads us into believing the absurd and questioning all the correct things.
Our inquisition cures our curiosity, our curiosity (most of the time) enlightens us and thus, satisfies the craving to understand and learn about everything we find around us. In the same vein, our inquisition could further confuse us and put us in a worse of position than we were in at the beginning.

Have you ever imagined if the man who first committed adultery never inquired into the thought of being with another woman, or the woman another man...what would the world be like today? What if man had never imagined having sex with another man and plainly been content with the God-ordained union with women? What if we never explored some of the heathen ways of our fore-fathers; would we have tried out those things now? What if man never questioned God's authority and sovereignty? So many what ifs......

Our inquisitive nature hasn't only brought on misconceptions and poor beliefs, but has also brought us good...the question we should seek to understand now is “How deep is too deep?” “How much information is too much?” “When do we need to pull the plug on our constant inquisition into life?”

Our inquisition brought us to where we are today, our history is written by our inquisitive nature. It is what sets the base of learning for the younger generation and is the pedestal on which our seeds will start to inquire.
It is often said that there is no end to learning, but don't you think there should? Imagine that the explorers that found the spell books and heathen items of people that have been banished or even killed for witchcraft and wizardry didn't study them and wonder how it all worked? All of that would be lost as it should be!
The Mysteries of this Life and the inquisition into it enlightens as it does confuse....the endless sphere of learning is fuelled by this all and as such, we would never be able to get to a point where all has been discovered and understood; because our discovery and understanding is just a mere start to the endless cycle of learning that we call life.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Mind's Pain Bottled in...

Our hearts harbour our tears, our fears, our deepest thoughts and desires;
It speaks of its own accord....because when we least expect it, it shows our true self; a reflection of a sort...
Our tears reflect the pain we face, our smiles spring up from beauty that we see within, our laughs express our inward state of happiness.

Sometimes we feel so blank and few understand the feeling in the exact way we feel it. It’s hard for anyone to understand, not because they haven’t been in the same situation, but it’s different in everyone's case. Pain and frustration, within an environment that prevents you from venting it all out. How do you deal with things without letting them out; at least enough for you to get over it...

In football, we often see players play through the pain barrier, and a performance is expected from them...they suffer through it all just get the job done. We put smiles on people's faces, hang out, and create a range of impressions...some happy, loving, dependent and rather friendly but after it all, we tend to find that with all the charade of the amount of friendships and people we might have around, we still feel alone. Then again, we start to ask ourselves those annoying questions that further confuse us... where is everyone now that I need them? how come I'm always there for everyone and don't have nobody to keep my mind at ease and be that shoulder to lean on? what exactly is bothering me? What is this void and emptiness that my heart feels? What is all of this about? Where is this painful emptiness from? How can I get over it?
Bundled with all of this, we're further bothered by personal goals and other time-constrained pressures like School-work, deadlines or even our jobs. All of which take up the much needed time for a personal healing process.
Through all this, we fare relatively well, however, there is always the fear that we could break at a time when it matters most. At a time when all our senses need to be at their sharpest. That's the major fear of being bottled up.

Until we reach our breaking point we are fine but after that comes a breakdown ...a point of realisation... a point where everything that seemed to matter no longer matters; things we used to overlook start to take the lime-light. We experience a new kind of emotion, similar to those we are accustomed to; but in a new dimension and with more depth

We'll hurt a lil' more, we cry a lil' more, we sob a lil' more...somehow; old feelings that we once forgot about come to us more vivid than we imagine. We start to face a new reality; determined by an event, a presence or a reanimation. While this wakes us up sometimes with happy cheer, other times with painful tears, it teaches us lessons on stagnation, on moving ahead, facing new challenges, working out sad events into a joyous new beginning.
We determine how further ahead we move with our own hands, our own minds, and our own actions. We literarily have the world at our finger-tips; when we are smart we grab it and mould it into our world, other times we miss opportunities for a new start and have to face a double consequence of the experience.
When experiences are good, they could make us laugh, give us some sort of satisfaction and pleasure. But it is often easy to get carried away by such episodes of happiness/joy, when in the real sense, we are meant to find lessons from experiences to find ways to keep ourselves happy, avoid pitfalls, and share our happiness with those desperately seeking it.

Friday, January 1, 2010

My reality scares me...
Its hard waking up in the same nightmare. I feel awake when I sleep, no dreams or wild imaginations, no pain, no sorrow; Sadly, I wake up into a reality that I wish was just a nightmare.
It hurts more than words describe. More painful than walking on hot coal; a pain so deep that it breaks me with each thought.
How do I get out of this nightmare? The pain still lingers, tear drop after tear-drop, sometimes it seems like it'd never end.
Can't help but wish it wasn't so. Can't ask why because in His sovereignty He plans for us to get us a life and works everything out for our good. So now, I just have to wait in submission to His will.

I hurt, I cry, tear drops in my eyes keep streaming down. Everyday the pain feels new.
If I had just one extra hug, one extra second, one extra word, I wouldn't let it end. Where do I start from, if everything that surrounds me brings memories alive and births a fresh kind of pain.
There's a need for me to be strong, to stand by the others who face the same pain that I do, the others that wake up into the same nightmare that has become our reality, our Painful Reality.
If wishes were horses, if all wishes came through, I would wish it all away.
Wish all my pain away,
Wish I would sleep and find it was all a dream,
I saw the pain,
I saw steadfastness,
I saw the struggle,
I saw a submission to faith,
and I saw that the Will of our Maker came to pass.
As I pace through the stages of Grief,
From Denial to Anger to Depression and final part of Acceptance, I find that the most hurtful and yet the longest stage is Depression.
The pain seems unending as time passes, it lingers on and on.
My Dear Father, My loving Dad.....
We can't help how much we all miss you.
Wishing it was all a dream that'd never be.
It's hard to piece together, its hard to think about and painful to accept.
We Love You beyond what words could ever explain.
Since it was in God's perfect will for you to leave us, we submit & hold fast to Him to give us the Peace, Comfort, Strength and Love that we all need to move ahead and continue in the legacies that you started.

Adieu Daddy! You mean more than the world to me.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

ThE sWeEtNeSs In MyStErIeS

How much we always want to know, We strive to find, to have some insight to everything around us; from the stars to the next person around you. We all live in an earth that's clouded by mysteries.

Inasmuch as we try to avoid being left in mysterious situations, there's a lot of perfection that's found in the Unknown.
Questions that we ask ourselevs like, 'how do i look?', Is she looking in my direction, Am I on the right track, Do my clothes fit, how far should I take this?, where's my happy-ending?, Am I relevant?, Am I cocky?, Am I Doing it right?

We always want an answer to every question that we ask, when it's the uncertainty and spontaneity of the unknown that often gives us the thrills we so often want to experience. If we all knew who had a crush on us, we'd take people for granted and get cocky. If we knew how relevant we are we'll become really proud. If we knew a person's true nature, we'd take the person for a ride because you know the soft-spots.

We tend to want to preempt actions that could possibly come our way. If we knew who'd give us a hard time or hurt us, we could hurt them before they had a chance to have their way. We all exploit people in one way or another because of certain things about them that we know. We  always want to know how the movie ends before it starts, we always want to know how the food tastes before we get back home, we want to know which roads not to take or where not to go; when it is indeed in these unknown circumstances that we find thrill, pain, love, peace and joy that make up what we call life.
A Mystery is;
The uncertainty that blows your mind,
The darkness that gives your life a flare, a spark, and a Fire!
The Unknown that keeps us guessing, giving us direction by our own desires thus making sure that we follow what our heart and mind tells us; following that which gives us our adventure and thrill in life.

Not all things are meant to be known, some need to be experienced...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

...This one got me laughing hard!

One day 3 people were stuck on an island with cannibals.
The cannibals said, "If you do what we say, we won’t kill
you". So the 3 people followed the orders from the

The cannibals said, "Go into the forest and pick 10 pieces
of the first kind of fruit you see".
So the first guy came back out of the forest with 10
apples. The cannibals said, "Stick the apples up in your ass
without making a facial expression". The person then
frowned in pain after the second apple, so the cannibals
killed him.

The second person came back out of the forest with 10
cherries. The cannibals said, "Put the cherries up your ass
without making a facial expression". The person then
started laughing on the tenth cherry, so they killed him.

In heaven, the person with apples asked the person with
cherries "why did you start laughing at the tenth cherry?
You were almost there". He replied, "I saw the
last guy come out with pineapples."

Thursday, June 4, 2009

RaY's WoRlD

"RaYmOnD's MiNd"

"Where's the fun in this?, how come I'm no more than I am now?
What went wrong???
I'm handsome, drive a nice car, have money but yet and still..."
"Where's the thrill in youthful living?, I need something more....A steady girl perhaps??"

Somewhere, somehow in his mind, he know's he's being played;

On the outside he's some hotshot playa,
Gets who he wants, till he's tired and then moves on to the next..
On the inside, he's soft as a jelly fish...

"Who is She?, she's real pretty..." he wonders to himself.
He's had spells of one-night stands,
Streaks of conquered foes,
but on his insides, he finds himself very lonely,
He tries to get close but like with the last time, he starts off very well, they become friends and for some unexplained reason, they part not even with a goodbye. It starts with silly excuses, then unanswered calls then... poof! She dissapears and he's back where he started...
Angered from his last spell, he picks up yet another and this time, she's not for keeps,
He's in an uncontrolled "heartbreak-playa life"cycle.

"How do i get this feeling off of me?", he asks himself everyday.
He takes the last drag from his 'J', he's as high as he possibly can be;
Stands up cleans himself up, Sprays his cologne and freshens for yet another empty date.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Its Our Handwork!

Romance's crap. 
Love aint easy to find
and even when it comes around it often leaves scars marred by pain and frustration, disappointm
ents and failed trusts.
I hear Its wrong to be a playa but it hurts to be lover.
The long cycle that now builds the 'outlawed' personality that is often misunderstood as being anti-social.
Ok....Point taken;
Neither women nor men are to be toyed with. The thing is, it is inexplainable why a countless number of 'would-be' good girls or guys, end up hurting people who in turn detach from a life ruled by emotions, their romance becomes begins to fade or doesn't last as long as it should.

I guess we all are more of a product of our experiences rather than the notion that people who attach less to personal relationships than others are a breed -fondly called 'Playa'- is a social outlaw, without our realising that they are created by our own actions, the moment you turned down someone,which is an unavoidable bridge that we all have to pass, and in one way is our actions biting us in the rear.
Quit wasting time! Enjoy life as it gives us our present of the 'Present'.
Explore friendships, live a little, party a little harder, smile a little more, play some more.
Luckily enough for some who've been exposed to this truths end up with the lives you'd always wished for.

...the social misfit's clearly our hand-work.... don't crucify him/her!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

::The World of The Mind::

My Mind is my World,

Your Mind is Your World,

Our Mind is Our World,

Invariably, the larger your mindset the larger your World. We all wish(ed), at some point in our lives, to be rich, famous, a pop-star, a singer, a footballer....the list is endless. We tend to derail from all these aspirations when the reality of life hits us like a brick on the head. Forgetting these dreams and aspirations, to me, is a major cause of the mid-life crises that we all tend to have at some point in our lives. 

The world we live in today is merely a function of the dreams that people (people just like us) had and did not derail from. From the Wright Brothers creation of the Aeroplane, to Karl Benz's design and creation of automobiles as we know them today. Who would have ever thought that you could fly?or even surf??

Ideas conceived in your mind have the potential to blow up into tomorrow's biggest thing. So....just how big is your mind? Are you happy with what you're doing? How far ahead do you think? Who are you? Where are you? Why are you here? What can you do? What makes you tick?Are you the best you?? Where are you going? How built up are you to go where you want to go?

A definite answer to these crucial questions of life usually indicates how far in life you've gone, how big your world is and whether or not you'll live a fulfilled life. I have come to understand my world is only as big as my mind has created it to be. If you can dream can be it!! 

We all have our dreams, what differentiates each person is the ability and courage to follow through. If you're sure about your dream, devise a plan to reach that dream of yours and follow it through with every last muscle in your body!! Who would've ever thought that talk shows would make Oprah Winfrey worth a Billion Dollars today?

You don't always have to follow the statusquo, but in following your dreams you must deal with the reality of risks and possible failures and use this knowledge to be the best You that you can be. Find what makes you happy and DO IT!

I end with the Eternal and always effectual words from the Bible in Proverbs 29:18 - "...Without a Vision, the people perish"